Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Once there lived a poor farmer who worked very hard to maintain his big family.But he could hardly manage two squares meals a day.One day while working in the field he found a basket. He picked it up and carried it home. His wife became very pleased to see it. She thought the basket contain some valuable things. By selling those things,  they could overcome their poverty and enjoy happy days. But the farmer was an honest man. He was not at all interested to use anything inside the basket. His wife opened it and found fifty thousand taka in a paper packet covered with some ragged clothes. She told the farmer to use all the money for themselves. The farmer was in a great problem. However, he announced in the market that a basket was found by him. The real owner could take it from him showing/proving his/her real identity. At last the owner was found. He gave the farmer ten thousand taka being very pleased with him. With the money the farmer started a small business. In course of time, he became a rich man. His poverty disappeared and he became a happy man. Thus his honesty was rewarded.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Once an old man was walking by the riverside. In course of walking, he suddenly fell to the ground and then rolled down to water. The old man was not in a position to rescue himself. At that moment a little boy was bathing nearby in the river.The little boy saw this incident and started shouting. A passer-by was going by the river but he was not responding to the shouting of the boy. Most provably the man was deaf. However, the boy continued shouting and he was at a loss what to do. He suddenly found a piece of banana tree floating near him. He jumped and clasped the tree. Then he swam to the man and helped him catch the banana tree. Then they two somehow managed to reach the shore. There exiting and fearful sound drew the attention of another two passer-by who happened to walk through the road by the river. They came forward to help them. They all together took the old man to his house. All the members of his family appreciated the little boy highly.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Once there lived a famous king.He was fond of knowing his future.He often invited the best astrologer of the kingdom.A good astrologer happened to stop at his capital on his way to Beneras.The king called on him to know his future and the astrologer said something unpleasant.At this the king got furious and condemned him to death saying,”Men like you should not live to spoil the peace of the world.”But another thought crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for execution.”How long would you live?”asked the king.This astrologer mused for a while for some way of  escape,as he was sure the king would prove him a liar putting him to death then there,if he would live longer than that day.With ready wit he said,’’The stars declare that I shall die only a week before your majesty.So,good-bye.I shall wait to receive your Majesty where you have been sending me”.At this the king turned pale as dead and shouted,”Drive this wrech away,let him not come again.”

Friday, April 20, 2012


Once there lived a hawker in a village.He used to sell things in the nearby bazar.Everyday he would get back  home at night.He could hardly support his family with his small income.There was a banyan tree on the way.Once he came in front of the banyan tree.It was quite dark.After toiling much he felt abit tired.Then he sat down under the banyan tree to take a rest.He felt sleepy and after a while he fell asleep under the banyan tree.In sleep he dreamt a sweet dream that he had been elected the premier of the country.As a result,his joys knew no bounds.Everybody in the country held him him in high esteem.He visited many countries.When he was sleeping,his busket of commodities were lying unguarded beside him under the tree.Then a thief came under the tree.He found a golden opportunity to steal the things easily and accordingly,He went away stealing all the things of the hawker.After a while ,he woke from sleep and found that all his commodities had already been stolen.But he had nothing to do.Then he left the place for home  depressed.At home he was rebuked severely by his wife for his foolishness.Then he said to hiiimself that misfortune never comes alone.And his sufferings increased to great extent

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Brave Boy

One day a boy was going to school.Suddenly he saw smoke.It was coming out of a house.He went in.He saw a house on fire.There was nobody else near the fire.Only a few women wre running to and fro.They were crying bitterly.The boy thought that there might be somebody in the house.He could not come out.There were flames and flames on all sides.It was a great danger.The boy was brave enough to cope with the situation.He was not at all afraid.He than and there ran into the burning house.The boy found an old woman there.She was too weak to move.The boy took her on his shoulders.He then came out running with her.People saw it.They were happy to see this.They called him a brave boy.The headmaster of the school heard the story.He congratulated the boy on his brilliant feat.This is really a worthy act for which the school also felt proud.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Long ago there lived in Persia a great warrior named Rustom who was truly loved by his fellow countrymen for his bold deeds and generous heart.The ruler of the kingdom made him the commander in chief of his army.He was newly married and loved his wife very much.But he could give little time to his wife as frequently he had to go into battles with the enemies of the kingdom.Once he had to leave the kigdom to conquer more lands.His wife was expecting a baby when he left the kingdom.In thos days warrior leaveing  home for battles would  return home after many many years or would not return home at all.All the time of departure Rustom gave his wife a locket to be given to his son.Rustom went on conquering lands.In the mean time many years passed.Rustom’s  wife had given birth to a male child.He had also grown up into manhood and become a great warrior.Rustom heard about his son whose name was Sohrab.He was very happy to learn that his son had also become a great warrior.Both father and son longed to each other.Sohrab’s mother told her son about the valour and the achievements of his father.Sohrab felt proud of his father.As an warrrior Sohrab also went on conquering lands with his army.At one stage both father and son met face to face with their armies.But they could not recognize each other.A terrible battle took place between the two armies.In the battle Sohrab’s army was defeated.Sohrab fell off  his horse on to the ground being wounded by his father’s sword.Rustom went near him.The locket around Sohrab’s neck attracted Rustom’s attention.He grabbed the locket,opened the case and found in it his known symbol.He embraced Sohrab emotionally and asked him who he was.Sohrab told him everything.Rustom broke down emotionally.He told Sohrab that he was his unfortunate father.A happy smile spread on Sohrab’s face.At long last he had met his father whom he adored so much.After a while,Sohrab breathed his last  in his father’s arms.